St.John's wort oil

for open wounds, itchy skin, bacterial infections
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Though the plant may be known today as an anti-depressant and sedative, St John's Wort has been known throughout history as a wound healer. In Greek it is known as 'spathochorto' referring to its ability of healing sword wounds.
St. John’s wort oil is known to heal open wounds faster and prevent scarring. This can be massaged into the skin or applied on a compress. Used as an anti-inflammatory for its antiseptic properties, it can help prevent infection in wounds and ease the discomfort of hemorrhoids and skin irritations such as sun burn. It has valuable healing properties as an anti-irritant, it soothes and relieves itching and sharp stings from insect bites, as a muscle relaxer, for muscle aches and pains and can be very effective for those who suffer from arthritis and rheumatism. Suitable for sensitive and problem skin.
Internally St. John’s wort oil is thought to be useful for the symptoms of premenstrual tension and may even help alleviate the pain of stomach cramps.
Ofcourse there is a broad range of even more ailments were St. John’s wort oil has shown very good results and quick relief for example, allergic rhinitis, ear infection and rashes due to allergies.
To achieve the best quality, Aneloy's St. John's Wort oil is produced only from mature wild crafted flowers infused in bio-virgin olive oil and exposed for a long period to natural sunlight until it gets a natural dark red color. All good things take their time!


-Avoid using in the sun.-


Although herbal oils are not altered, it is recommended to use within 1-2 years for the best herb efficiency.


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