Salves with herbal oils, herbs extracts and essential oils in a carrier base of beeswax.

Herbal salves are the best way to benefit from the healing power of herbs. Since ancient times herbs are renowned for their many health benefits and effectiveness For specific uses we offer you  a range of  different types of herbal salves, with a special selection of herb extracts and herbal oils in a carrier base of beeswax. The benefits of herbal salves besides giving fast relief of symptoms, are nourishing the skin without causing dryness or skin irritations, a skin friendly salve. Besides the general common skin nourishing properties, each type of herbal salve has its own special targeted action.

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Herbal Salves

recovery-salve-01 Average customer rating:


9,50 €

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bs04_pain_rel.jpg Average customer rating:

Pain relief

for immediate relief from pain

9,20 €

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hemostun-salve-01 Average customer rating:


8,40 €

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cold&flu-salve-017 Average customer rating:

Cold & Flu Relief

herb salve for cold&flu relief

8,10 €

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soothing-salve-01 Average customer rating:


Quik relief of itching and insect bites

7,70 €

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