Multipurpose salve, perfect for rapid wound healing.
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Multi-purpose salve made of beeswax, bio-organic olive oil and with St. John’s wort oil, primarily for rapid wound healing of any kind, and as antifungal. Also for bruises, varicose veins, spider veins, burns, hemorrhoids etc. Very effective against diaper rash (infants) and bedsores (elderly). Though the plant may be known today as an anti-depressant and sedative, St John's Wort has been known throughout history as a wound healer. In Greece it is known since ancient time as 'spathochorto' referring to its ability of healing sword wounds.
Studies on St. John's Wort have shown that it helps combat bacterial infections, can reverse inflammation, reduce skin itching and irritability. More recent studies suggest that the components in St. John's wort may be helpful as antiviral agents and can promote quick recovery of the skin from wounds.




This product is in a concentrated form, so you only need to take a small amount each time and apply lightly, or through massage (depending on the purpose) onto the skin, until it is completely absorbed. Is perfectly absorbed by the skin and leaves no residue. Apply as often as you like.

Our products are cruelty-free, chemical free, no parabens, no detergents, no animal testing


Stored at room temperature in a dry place, you can keep it for a long period. Please see the " use best before date" on bottom of the package. We suggest you to use the product within this date, so that the herbs and oils are most effective.


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