Face Lift Serum

restores,lifts, improves skin texture (15ml)
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A wonderful face lift serum with anti-aging properties, that enable the production of collagen giving you a vigorous and youthful skin. This rich nourishing face lift serum, helps to restore, lift and to improve the skin texture. Ideal for all skin types with problems of relaxation, but more suitable in particular for mature skin. Made from bio-organic vegetable oils, herb extracts, vitamins and pure essential oils.



This product is in a concentrated form, so you only need to take a small amount each time and apply before going to bed, on clean skin with a light massage on face and neck, until it is completely absorbed. Is perfectly absorbed by the skin and leaves no residue. Apply as often as you like. Also suitable to use as face mask.

Our products are cruelty-free, chemical free, no parabens, no detergents, no animal testing


Stored at room temperature in a dry place, you can keep it for a long period. Please see the " use best before date" on bottom of the package. We suggest you to use the product within this date, so that the herbs and oils are most effective.


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