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We believe that less is always more. More pure, more healthy and more valuable. Our body is amazing, it has the best and most unique ability to restore its own balance. All we need to do is gently supporting it in doing so, it is that simple! Unfortunately today most care products are full of chemicals and/or complex ingredients, and yes it sure reduces the cost of making them but it doesn't increases the benefits of the product health wise.


A small homebased company located in greece. Passionate and facinated with nature's wisdom , botanology and a general healthier way of living, we were searching for really high quality natural care products at affordable prices, with no hidden preservatives and ingredients that you can pronounce. Unsatisfied by the results but with a new mission now, to make them ourselves, we started gathering and studying famous old and new recipes proven in time for their values and efficiency. It resulted in this unique line of homemade salves and care products.


Inspired fresh homemade natural care products and salves with only high quality ingredients, bio virgin olive oil and self made herb extracts all made with love and care for us, our friends and you. Homemade at its best!



Things that are pure withing themselves evokes pleasure, thus beauty.

BC 469-BC 399. Greek philosopher of Athens

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